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Exceptional Wedding Saree By Ashika Mall

A two-colored saree especially for a wedding is designed by Ashika Mall. A distinct combination of teal and sepia colors used for a wedding saree creates that exceptional impression you wanted every time!

Wedding Saree by Ashika Mall

Beautiful two-colored wedding Saree by Ashika Mall


Attractive Printed Art Silk Saree By Ashika Mall

I am sure this wonderful printed Art silk saree by Ashika Mall will attract the eye of one and all. Grab the attention with the striking look that this saree brings. A vibrant combination of crème and black print all over the body and the colorful Pallu and the border makes that unique creation – a saree that you always wanted in your collection.

Printed Saree By Ashika Mall

Printed Art Silk Saree

The Perfect Pick For This Makar Sankranti The Black Saree You Were Looking For!

This Makar Sankranti you have to have no apprehensions regarding your attire. Just take a look at this awesome black beauty. A saree best suited to celebrate the Indian festival coming up. A festival honoring the transition of seasons, its time to dress up as a black beauty. Take a hold of more at

Ashika Mall Sarees

Laser Black Saree

Printed Crème and Black Creation by Ashika Mall

This beautifully printed black and crème saree is fashioned by Ashika Mall. Splendid blend of maroon, yellow ochure and shades of grey and black make it a mesmerizing saree. Take a look at more of the sort at Ashika Mall.

Wonderful Saree bby Ashika Mall

Resham Work Saree By Ashika Mall

Ashika Mall’s Printed Sarees Are Fascinating!

Printed sarees by Ashika Mall are very fascinating. Variety in the fabric, vivid colors and the trendy prints make Ashika Mall’s sarees truly mesmerizing. Check out more printed fascinations at

Trendy Printed Saree

Printed Sarees Fascinate!

Exceptional Creation By Ashika Mall Sarees

As you can see this is the exclusive two-color saree created by Ashika Mall. The crème and black combination with red floral work on it looks appealing.Visit for more of the sort…

Lotus: Ashika Mall Saree

Unique creation by Ashika Mall

Wedding Saree By Ashika Mall

Maroon is a much loved color when it comes to choosing among a variety of colors of wedding saree. This maroon with superb blend of green and golden adds to the attraction.Golden edges with floral work enhances the charm of this wedding saree by Ashika Mall.Golden edges with floral work enhances the charm of this wedding saree by Ashika Mall.

maroon saree by Ashika Mall

Maroon Wedding saree